Ombre Nails

DIY Ombre Nails!!

This is our finished product! 🙂

We can do Ombre Nails!  Dying to have them?  Ask for Kelsey!
We can do Ombre Nails! Dying to have them? Ask for Kelsey!

This fun summer look is the hottest trend right now! Ombre is not only for your hair anymore! Ombre can be done in any color combination- it does not have to just become a lighter version of a specific color. You could even try hot pink faded to orange!

Our model chose a few variations of blue; beginning with a dark blue, in the middle a turquoise, finishing with white. On top we chose a silver glitter- and on the ring finger kept it simple with the dark blue and glitter overlay.

We recommend following the picture below! However, when trying at our salon we noticed a few things.. The sponge shown will work, BUT there is a better way! Foam eyeshadow applicators! I wouldn’t use the one you currently use on your eyes, but if you head to your nearest beauty supply store they will have packs of these guys for under a dollar. Using these you achieve a more blended look and are using a more precise applicator. Ombre can be matte, shiny, glitter, whatever you desire!! Have fun!






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