Oribe: A Few of Our Favorite Things

You’ve probably heard that we’ve made a pretty major change in the salon. Balayage has moved from being exclusively Bumble & Bumble to showcasing exclusively Oribe products! It’s bittersweet but Oribe has amazing products and great continued education accessible to all of our stylists. To help introduce you to this new…

Prenatal Massage: Balayage Spa & Salon

Q&A: The Scoop on Prenatal Massage

Receiving massage therapy during pregnancy is a wonderful choice for complementary natural health care. The dramatic physical and hormonal changes of pregnancy often causes discomfort and massage therapy has the ability to provide a gentle, natural approach to addressing these discomforts and promoting overall well-being. Our fearless leader, Kaitlyn, recently…


Pregnancy and Hair: Q&A

We all know the changes that pregnancy can have on our bodies; but what about our hair?? Luckily, two of our top stylists are pregnant at the same time- so we sat down with them and asked a few questions! What are your thoughts on hair color during pregnancy? “It…


Soi Candles….

So after heavy contemplation, we decided that with fall rapidly approaching- we should add some fun new scents to our salon… Besides freshly brewed coffee, hot apple cider, and pumpkin spice lattes; what better way to do that then delicious smelling candles!? The tricky part however, would be finding a…


Balayage Spa and Salon

Nestled in our newly constructed facility, Balayage Spa and Salon is an oasis from the hustle of stressful and busy lives.  The salon hosts Fort Collins’ most sought after stylists and colorists.  Led by owner Kaitlyn Jacobs, the team at Balayage Spa and Salon specializes in their trades and spend years…