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Expert Advice: A Guide For Guys On Washing Hair

We sat down with our stylists and got the inside scoop on washing and styling men’s hair. Some of these answers might surprise you and your other halves! Does washing your hair actually accelerate oil production? It’s not fair to totally generalize since everyone has such different hair types but…

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5 Ways to Curl Your Hair Using a Flat Iron

You’ve seen us use this technique in the salon and now we want to share our secrets with you! Check out this awesome video from LiveLoveGlam that outlines step-by-step instructions on how to create your favorite looks. What You’ll Need:  A comb for parting A flat iron Clips Hairspray (Optional) Detangled…


Advice From Your Local Hair Professionals

Hello again! We took a brief hiatus from blogging but now we are BACK and excited to share our tips and tricks with you. With the transition from summer to fall, we hear the question “Should I color my hair dark for fall?” very often. As much as we LOVE…


Pregnancy and Hair: Q&A

We all know the changes that pregnancy can have on our bodies; but what about our hair?? Luckily, two of our top stylists are pregnant at the same time- so we sat down with them and asked a few questions! What are your thoughts on hair color during pregnancy? “It…


Soi Candles….

So after heavy contemplation, we decided that with fall rapidly approaching- we should add some fun new scents to our salon… Besides freshly brewed coffee, hot apple cider, and pumpkin spice lattes; what better way to do that then delicious smelling candles!? The tricky part however, would be finding a…