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Preteen Facials at Balayage

Summer is over and it is time to head back to school! If you’ve got a preteen in your home, chances are they are concerned with putting their best foot..and face forward. We all know, teen skin can be unpredictable! But, with our Preteen Q&A Facial, your preteen will learn…


Summer Hair Solutions

It’s officially summer in Fort Collins, which means long days on the lake, camping along the Poudre or hiking another mountain. While we all love the idea of gorgeous, beachy waves, summertime doesn’t always agree with our hair. The combination of heat, salt, sun and swimming can actually take a…


Featured Product: Oribe Glaze

Glaze for Beautiful Color This is a high-gloss “top coat” for your hair. This shimmering, conditioning glaze imparts intense shine, brightens color & highlights and silkens strands for hair that is luminous form the inside out! How to Apply After shampooing, work through clean, damp hair. Let the Glaze infuse…


Oribe: A Few of Our Favorite Things

You’ve probably heard that we’ve made a pretty major change in the salon. Balayage has moved from being exclusively Bumble & Bumble to showcasing exclusively Oribe products! It’s bittersweet but Oribe has amazing products and great continued education accessible to all of our stylists. To help introduce you to this new…

Prenatal Massage: Balayage Spa & Salon

Q&A: The Scoop on Prenatal Massage

Receiving massage therapy during pregnancy is a wonderful choice for complementary natural health care. The dramatic physical and hormonal changes of pregnancy often causes discomfort and massage therapy has the ability to provide a gentle, natural approach to addressing these discomforts and promoting overall well-being. Our fearless leader, Kaitlyn, recently…